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Good Hair Co Apprentice Stylist JessJess (She/Her), Apprentice Stylist  @jessellard.hair

Jess is the newest member of our team at Good Hair Co. She has a particular love for spunky haircuts with vivid colour and expresses her painting talents through balayage. In her free time, she loves to support local restaurants and watch live music with friends. At home she has a huge black cat named Salem (inspired by the original Sabrina, not the remake). Jess is new to the scene and super eager to create long term client relationships and has a flexible schedule to fill!








Good Hair Co Apprentice OliverOliver (They/He), Apprentice
Oliver is one of our apprentices, dedicating their craft to Barbering. Having been a long time client of Lilly, he ound a passion for hair through community, and a deep need for more queer and trans barbers in the region. Oliver enjoys exploring the ways hair creates gender euphoria and identity, as well as discussing the history of DIY queer and punk haircuts. When they’re not at the shop learning and cutting, they’re probably drinking coffee, playing video games, and tending to his zoo.








A headshot of Good Hair Co Stylist JoJo (She/Her), Stylist @thesizzwizz.k

Jo is a Senior Stylist at Good Hair Co. She brings a whopping18 years of experience in the industry having worked both in Kitchener-Waterloo and Downtown Toronto. Jo loves expressing her creative side through edgey pixie cuts, bold fashion colours, mullets and bowl cuts(long live the mullet!). Outside of the salon, Jo spends her time with her Weiner dog, Izzy, or cookin' up some heckin' good vegan grub!








A headshot of Good Hair Co barber LillyLilly (She/Her), Barber @wolfiesdenlilly 

Lilly has been a Barber for 5 years and brings a unique perspective to the salon. A true community leader, Lilly takes great pride in making sure her clients feel safe and seen for who they are. Lilly has been featured in 'Butch is Not a Dirty Word' and offers her clients much more than just a haircut. Her favourite types of haircuts are her self-proclaimed 'Seven Standard Types of Butch Haircuts' - top favourites being the 'Coming Out Haircut', the 'Sporty Lesbian Undercut' and the 'Non-Binary/Masculine Skin Fade'. When Lilly isn't changing the world one haircut at a time, she's revving her motorcycle or enjoying cuddles with her cat Oscar and girlfriend Sara.






A headshot of Good Hair Co stylistKelsey (She/Her), Stylist @kmaarrtt

Kelsey is our "hair wizard" and enjoys making her clients feel cool and confident. Kelsey attended Voila Institute for Hair Design and enjoys cutting technical bobs, as well as painting balayage and highlights. In her personal life, Kelsey likes thrifting cool outfits (she is the undisputed "best dressed" at the shop) and visiting the local tattoo shop for some fresh ink!








A headshot of Good Hair Co Stylist and Co-Owner Sydney

Sydney (She/Her), Owner & Stylist @sydney.laurie

Sydney is the heart and soul of Good Hair Co. and the shop 'Mom'. Sydney has worked in a variety of salons and first started Good Hair Co. 4 years ago. Sydney loves meeting new people and fostering a sense of community within the salon. She loves painting balayage, highlights and cutting fun haircuts like shags. You can find Sydney at the shop decorating, or at home with her two dogs Wellington and Stanley. 







A headshot of Good Hair Co barber and Co-Owner PeterPeter (He/Him), Owner & Barber @pmgreave

Peter loves being a Barber and building relationships with his clients! Classic haircuts, tight fades and fun mullets are a few of Peter's specialties. Before becoming a Barber, Peter studied Parks and Tourism Management at the University of Waterloo and has embarked on many backcountry and hiking adventures. Outside of the barber chair, Peter enjoys eating tasty local food, crushing a craft beer and grooming his beard - he hasn't shaved in seven years!